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Pain & Exhaustion Can Affect Every Aspect of Your Life

Are you Struggling with These Common Challenges?


Sleeping great & have nothing visibly wrong but still feeling run down with low energy?


Frustrated by an abundance of “how to” health articles that seem to contradict each other?


Excruciating pain in your back, hips or other parts of your body affecting your quality of life?

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You’re Not the Only One...​

Dr. Tronica Vanzant, DTCM, Dipl. OM, L.Ac. | Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Millions of people struggle with fatigue, pain, anxity and depression, including me. I know what it’s like to feel far from happy and find each day a struggle. I’ve also worked with many patients who resign themselves to less than optimal health because all their tests turn up normal, some are actually told their illness is all in their head, and they’re given an antidepressant or gabapentin, both of which have their own set of side effects to add to the mix of existing problems.

Chronic pain and fatigue can keep you from the activities you enjoy, reduce the scope of your life, and rob you of joy and engagement with the people and things you love. I’ve helped people regain movement, alleviate pain, improve energy, and resolve depression and anxiety by activating the body’s natural healing abilities. As a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist dedicated to treating my patients with integrative therapies, I’m here to help you experience relief and elevate your health and wellbeing.

Signature health Program

From Pain to Power

In my 7 week program, From Pain to Power, I’ll personally guide you along the path to end pain and exhaustion and regain your energy and movement. We’ll cover the hidden causes behind pain, inflammation, and lack of energy, herbal formulas that increase energy, calm anxiety and support the body’s ability to heal itself, and honest answers to questions that will clear up confusion caused by an abundance of “how to” articles that seem to contradict each other. To learn all the details and apply for one of the few spots remaining, click the button below.

Are You Ready to Finally Get Answers & Experience Relief?

From Pain to Power in Three Simple Steps

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