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My Story

I experienced the power of acupuncture when I wanted to start a family.  Six months of trying to get pregnant on our own proved fruitless as did 2 rounds of Clomid.  The fertility clinic I worked with suggested acupuncture, so I worked with an acupuncturist who gave me a weekly treatments.  He wanted to see me 2 or 3 times a week, but my extreme amount of travel as a consultant made it difficult to get in even once a week for treatment.  He also gave me herbs to take three times a day for several weeks.  When egg retrieval time arrived, the clinic doctor told me he was surprised that at age 42 they harvested 21 eggs, a number more consistent with statistics for an 18-year-old.  Next the embryologist informed me that 18 eggs turned into high grade embryos that were all candidates for implantation.  Again, the embryologist was highly surprised at the success given my age.  Long story short, we implanted one embryo and I was blessed with a healthy baby boy who is now a teenager.  

While acupuncture successfully enabled me to get pregnant, I had no idea it could also be used for emotional issues.  I experienced depression both during the final months of pregnancy and postpartum.  It was an extremely traumatic time for me that included not only a stressful and demanding job with an enormous amount of travel, but moving to a new state and leaving my family, friends and support structure.  I also orchestrated the cross country move of my 60-acre ranch and all our belongings which included 3 horses, a large dog, and my 6-months-pregnant self.  I was overwhelmed and depressed.  I finally went to see a therapist who prescribed me antidepressants. 

Tronica at 9 months pregnant helping horses Gus and Sangria settle into their new home.
Tronica at 9 months pregnant helping horses Gus and Sangria settle into their new home.

I was surprised the therapist gave me a prescription for antidepressants while I was still pregnant.  I did not take any drugs while I was pregnant, but I did wean my son early to take the drugs, and after a couple of weeks on antidepressants I felt like all the color in my world was gone.  I didn’t feel pain or sadness, but neither did I feel much of anything else.   Everything was muted; no color, no sharp edges, just a gray void of existing.  I cold-turkeyed the antidepressants and eventually got better after hiring a nanny to help with child care and food preparation while I slept and recuperated.  

I realize now that I was severely anemic during that time and the exhaustion of my travel schedule, stressful work, and moving to another state – away from my support structure – all contributed to my depression like a perfect storm.  I also know now that tonic herbs could have helped me avoid or at least ease a very traumatic time in my life. 

My Son's Story

Fast forward 10 years later.  My son has given me permission to share his story.  A year after leaving my job and starting Chinese Medicine school, I was faced with a divorce.  My son Eric managed the change of going back and forth to separate households surprisingly well for about 6 months, then when our jointly owned house sold, and Eric and I moved to another city away from his friends and started a new school, the change began.  Eric’s teacher first noticed his rapid shift into depression.  It started with behavioral issues like acting out in class, talking over the teacher, being generally disruptive.  (Something to be aware of here: unlike most adults, children initially act out when they are depressed.)  

As measures were put in place to curtail his behavior, Eric went inward and into isolation.  He started wearing his hoodie over his head all the time and kept his head down during class, never wanting to interact with his teacher, new friends, or his parents.  We got him a school counselor, but nothing changed.  Eric spoke lower, flatter, and softer than before and that’s when he spoke at all.  Most conversations with him elicited nothing more than a shrug and the desire to lie down.  

I know depression and I know the feeling of helplessness, and it totally broke my heart to see my son in this place.  I did my best to let him know I loved him and I’d be there for him regardless of what other things were happening or how he responded.  Even the deepest mom love I could pour on him seemed to have no significant impact.  I’d been in Chinese Medicine school for a little over a year at that point, and I’d taken a hand-full of 5 Element classes which I knew were designed to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person. 

I made an appointment with a professor who also had treated me.  She tried to do an intake with Eric, but he mostly grunted or shrugged and kept his hoodie over his head, partially covering his eyes.  In the treatment room, she did an Akabani assessment that determines which meridians are blocked.  To my surprise, ALL of his meridians were blocked.  She started with a treatment to help regulate the nervous system and get him out of the feeling of overwhelm.  My professor then finished the treatment with two very simple but powerful points for his specific constitution. 

Eric's treatment to regulate the nervous system.

These points were like the kiss that revived Snow White from sleep: Pc6 and TB5, Inner Gate and Outer Gate.  These points represent our relationship with ourselves and the outside world respectively.  The needles went in, connected with the Qi, and were taken out after just a few seconds.  The color came back to Eric’s cheeks like blood flow had just been restored to his body.  When he came back out to the front desk, he was surprisingly talkative, joking, and playful like I hadn’t seen him in months.  

It was like a light switch had been flipped on inside him and he was full of life again.  This was the moment when I realized the power of Chinese Medicine to help in ways I’d never imagined possible, and what made me want to focus my specialty on physical as well as emotional health.

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of acupuncture, I  invite you to book a free Wellness Blueprint consult where together we’ll get clear about your health goals, uncover what’s really standing in your way, and create a proven plan to enjoy the health and vitality you’ve always wanted.

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