Why A Dislocated Knee Caused Digestive Problems

patches delivering pulsed electromagnetic frequencies to my dislocated knee

I dislocated my knee last year.  I don’t recommend it.  I was cleaning up the clinic at the end of the day.  My right foot was firmly on the floor as I twisted my upper body to the left to grab something and that’s when it happened.  There was a loud pop, a burst of pain and I could see my foot facing right and my patella and thigh facing left.  Fortunately, it popped back into place just as quickly as it happened, but the damage was done. 


I immediately hopped up on the treatment table and gave myself a microcurrent treatment and felt much better.  With an injury like this I expected sore muscles, tendons, and yes, probably a ligament given that loud pop, but what I didn’t expect was the severe bout of nausea that came on the next day.  To understand this correlation better let me explain a little about channel theory in Chinese Medicine.


Channels are the pathways where Qi (energy) flows.  From a Western perspective that translates to electrons flowing along the fascial planes in our bodies in unidirectional, but interconnected pathways.  Fascia is both a supportive and an electrically conductive structure.  When you look at it microscopically, you can see interwoven crystal-like fingers covered in fluid.  It nourishes the surrounding tissue and conducts electrical impulses through the entire body, superficially and deep, like a fiber optic highway with many connecting and exchange points, and this is why an acupuncture needle in the leg can have an impact on an internal organ, or the arm.


The stomach channel has 45 acupuncture points and travels from the head to the feet.  Its primary path goes from the eyes down the front of the body and continues down the legs to the 2nd and 3rd toes.  Its deeper internal path connects with most of our endocrine organs, and as you’d expect, it connects with the stomach and impacts digestive function.


One way to see if there is a problem in a channel is to palpate along the channel and look for anything that feels different from the surrounding tissue like hard spots, divots, nodules and the like.  These findings indicate a problem in the channel where Qi/electrons are not flowing properly.


Because the stomach channel traverses so much of the front of the body including the chest and knees, its function is easily impacted by physical trauma to these areas.  In the clinic, I always ask new patients if they have any scars because they can interrupt the electron flow across the fascia in those areas.  I often see people with knee replacement surgery who have keloid scars down the center or either side of the knee who also suffer from, you guessed it, digestive problems.  Part of the path back to health requires helping the fascia to reconnect in the area of the scar.  The procedure to help with this is simple.  I insert needles on either side and parallel to the scar, and then connect the two needles with a small alligator clip and run 150Hz of microcurrent across the needles.  This helps the body reconnect the fascia and the flow of electrons to resume.  Often the scar becomes softer, and less pronounced after the treatment.


However, a scar is not the only physical trauma that can interrupt the pathway.  A dislocated knee can also interrupt the stomach channel and that is why I had such horrible nausea.  It took a couple days’ worth of several microcurrent treatments, but the swelling subsided, the nausea went away, and I was waking almost normal after just a few days.  Not bad given the typical healing time for a dislocated knee is 3-6 weeks.

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