From Pain to Power

Tired of Not Feeling Good?​

It’s Time to Regain Your Health

Ongoing pain, fatigue, anxiety & chronic health issues don’t just take away your energy, they can deplete your motivation leaving you feeling like you’re at war with your own body, can’t win & need help to get through the day.

No matter your issue, the stories are similar. My pain patients tell me they’ve tried everything from surgery to chiropractic and physical therapy, but their pain persists. They have productive days, but the next day their joints are stiff or swollen and movement is difficult. Or they can’t stay motivated to exercise or even do normal tasks because they are simply exhausted.

My patients with fatigue or chronic health problems often have “normal” blood tests and maybe they’re even sleeping well, but still have no energy. Many of my patients are given antidepressants because doctors can’t find a reason for their pain and conclude the problem is emotional. It’s frustrating to be told your chronic pain or exhaustion is all in your head.

Everyone is frustrated by an abundance of “how to” articles that seem to contradict each other and expert advice that doesn’t seem to have an impact. And in the end, the biggest question everyone has is “what can I do??”

Now for Some Good News​

No matter how exhausted or in pain you are, you can take your health back. My patients, my son and I are proof. No matter how severe or how long it’s been happening, the body is designed to heal itself when it’s given the right support.

But healing your body shouldn’t have to be trial and error or overwhelming the way it was for me. After putting my new knowledge to work in my own health and seeing the difference it made in my son’s health, I couldn’t keep it to myself. I dove into studying acupuncture, herbs and other integrative wellness therapies like microcurrent and cellular nutrients, and learned more than I ever thought possible.

Now I’ve put everything I’ve learned into a unique integrative wellness program that can help you manage pain, regain movement & improve your energy. In my program, From Pain to Power, I walk you step-by-step through the process of finding the root causes of your issue, fixing the problems, and rebuilding your health.

Imagine a Pain-Free Life

Natural healing is possible. Yes, it can be discouraging when you’ve tried all the books, webinars and classes to deal with your problems and nothing has worked. As overwhelming as it can feel to hide the daily pain, anxiety or ongoing issues, you can and will regain your health, your energy, your happiness, and your life. By working with a trusted guide who specializes in the very things you’re struggling with, you can finally find relief. This is an invitation from your body to use the power of acupuncture and integrative health approaches to regain the vitality, movement, and peace of mind you’ve been missing for so long.

Ease Your Pain

Heal chronic pain, regain movement and do the things you love again

Boost Your Energy

Get back to feeling energized, productive & exercising the way you want to

Calm Your Mind

Regain a sense of peace and calm, no matter what life may bring your way

Are You Ready to Get Your Health & Happiness Back?

You’ve tried everything, but you’re still in pain, out of energy and not feeling good. You don’t have to suffer anymore.

You can choose to do something different and stop trying to figure this out all by yourself. With the help of an expert by your side, guiding you every step of the way, you can break free from the pain, do the things you love, and experience whole body wellness.

If you’re ready to stop spending your days feeling down and unhappy and start feeling energized and full of life, click the button below to take the first step toward wellness.

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